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Xi'an Jiaotong University has a long history of humanities education of over 100 years. The School of Humanities and Social Science of Xi'an Jiaotong University was established in 1994. Currently, the school consists of 8 departments and research centers, namely, Department of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, Department of Chinese Literature, Department of Arts, Department of Chinese Calligraphy, Music Education Center and Institute of Social Psychology. It covers the 5 disciplines of philosophy, law, education, literature, and arts. Meanwhile, the school possesses 1 postdoctoral research station, 1 doctor program of first-level discipline, 1 interdisciplinary doctoral program, 4 master programs of first-level disciplines, 2 professional master’s degree programs and 6 undergraduate majors.

Postdoctoral research station and authorized doctor program of first-level disciplines: Philosophy.

Interdisciplinary doctoral program: Social Development and Management.

Master programs of first-level disciplines: Philosophy, Sociology, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.

Professional master’s degree programs (masters by coursework): Master of Social Work, Master of Art and Design.

Master programs for international students: Chinese Cultural Studies.

Undergraduate majors: Philosophy, Sociology, Chinese Language and Literature, Environmental Art and Design, Sculpture, and Calligraphy.

The school has one base for the popularization of social sciences in Shaanxi Province, i.e. Institute For Empirical Social Science Research (IESSR), 7 research institutes, i.e. Institute of Culture and Philosophy, Xi’an Drum Music Institute, Cultural and Creative Industry Research Center, Institute of Vision and Art, Institute of Social Psychology and Behavior , and Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of Calligraphy Art and Information Technology, and one small-sized library on Humanities and Social Sciences, with a collection of 100,000 volumes of books and over 300 periodicals subscribed annually.

The school has132 faculty and staff members, including 26 professors and 50 associate professors (among which 21 are PhD Supervisors), 5 chair professors of the Leading Talents Program and the Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 1 awardee of the National Labor Medal, 1 consultant of National Professional Association, 4 experts receiving special allowance of the State Council, 2 winners of the “Master in Teaching” at provincial level, 3 members of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education of China, and 4 winners of the New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan and the Young Top-Notch Talent Program of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Since its establishment, the school has trained thousands of undergraduates and postgraduates, and made important contribution to the country.