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Recruitment:Position--Full-time Researcher

Source: Date:2019-05-17 Visits:


Position--Full-time Researcher

Categories of Postdoctoral Fellows:

 Postdoctoral Fellows with Special Funding: Appoints are open to those PhD graduates from the world top 100 overseas universities, or other especially outstanding PhD graduates

 Foreign Postdoctoral Fellows: Appoints are open to those outstanding foreign PhD graduates

 Research Only Postdoctoral Fellows: Appoints are open to those PhD graduates who have outstanding achievements in an academic field

 Postdoctoral Fellows with Funding from an Enterprise: Appointments are open through the collaborative platforms established by XJTU and the governmental agencies or enterprises to PhD graduates who will work on the research projects of an enterprise.

Salary and Social Welfare:


 Allowed to rent an apartment of XJTU;

 Enjoys the same enrollment policy for children of XJTU staff to study at the affiliated kindergarten, primary school, middle or high school.

Please contact with Mr. Zhang for the specific information.

Disciplines: Philosophy, Journalism and Communication, Sociology, Arts, Literature, Psychology

Contact: Mr. Zhang

E-mail: rwbg@xjtu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-29-82668281      



Recruitment:Position--Leading Teacher