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International cooperation and exchange
International cooperation and exchange


English International cooperation and exchange 正文

Dual Master's Degree Program in Sociology of the School of Humanities and Social Science of XJTU and University of Saskatchewan

Source: Date:2019-05-17 Visits:

Since 2001, frequent mutual visits and academic exchanges have been carried out between XJTU and the University of Saskatchewan. Professors from the University of Saskatchewan gave lectures for many times to undergraduate and postgraduate students of XJTU. In 2006 and 2007, the two universities jointly held two international conferences on sociology in the University of Saskatchewan. In August 2006, the two parties signed an agreement and launched a joint graduate program of sociology. According to the agreement, the undergraduates of the Department of Sociology who have completed the first two-year study in XJTU and met the admission requirements of the University of Saskatchewan can transfer to the University of Saskatchewan and continue their studies for the rest of two years. The students will be granted bachelor’s degree by both XJTU and the University of Saskatchewan as long as they meet the graduation requirements of both universities.


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