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Department of Chinese Language and Literature

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Dean: Wang Yao

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Professor: Luo Junfeng, Pei Chunfang  ,Zhang Yong

The department has 18 faculty members, including 3 Professors, 11 Associate Professors and 4 Assistant Professors, among which 14 members are master’s supervisors.

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is originated from the Chinese subject established in 1908 at Nanyang College. Its famous alumni, such as educationist Ling Hongxun, dramatist Ding Xiling, Lu Dingyi and Zou Taofen, have all benefited from the spectacular education of Chinese literature in the university. In 1996, the Department of Chinese Literature was re-established, and began to enroll undergraduates in 1997. In 2011, a master's program of theory of literature and art was established. Now the department has a high quality teaching team made up of mentors across a wide age range, and most of them have doctoral degrees from prestigious universities at home and aboard, or have visiting scholar experiences at universities like Harvard and Oxford.  

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature has been keeping up with other notable peers in China since its establishment. In 1999, the Departments of Chinese Literature of Nanjing University and Peking University initiated the liaison meeting for directors of Chinese literature department in Chinese top universities and launched the Forum of Development of Chinese Language and Literature in Chinese Top Universities. The Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Xi’an Jiaotong University is one of the first thirteen members of the Forum, and it successfully organized the tenth forum in 2008. Benefitting from the rich historical relics and cultural heritage of Xi’an, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of XJTU has developed its advantages in fields like classical literature, traditional opera culture, the Silk Road inscriptions, as well as in other fields like modern and contemporary Chinese literature studies and science fiction studies. Significant achievements have been made in recent years with the progress of a variety of programs supported by the National Social Science Foundation and high level papers published in top journals like Nature, Literary Review, Literary Heritage, Theory Edition of People’s Daily, and Theory Edition of Guangming Daily.    

International Collaboration

Since 2018, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature has been developing undergraduate and postgraduate joint training programs with the Department of East Asian Language and Culture of the University of Notre Dame, the United States.