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Department of Chinese Calligraphy


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Department of Chinese Calligraphy

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Department of Chinese Calligraphy

Department President: Yang Xiaoping

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Professor: Xue Yangxian, Yang Suoqiang

The currently total number of the teachers in the department is eight, with two professors, three associate professors, two doctoral tutors and five master tutors among the rest.

The Main Research Field: Chinese Calligraphy & Traditional Chinese Culture, Research of Ecology Environment in Calligraphy Area, Calligraphy in the Pre-Qin Period, Calligraphy in the Tang Dynasty, Calligraphy Aesthetics, Calligraphy Image Theory, International Communication and Cooperation of Chinese Calligraphy, Calligraphy and Archaeology Research.

Department of Chinese Calligraphy was founded by Mr. Zhong Mingshan, a famous calligrapher and former director of the Chinese Calligrapher Association. In 2005, undergraduate students were formally enrolled, and the department was established independently in 2008. Now it has the right to grant a Bachelor Degree in Calligraphy and a Master Degree in Design, as well as Ph. D. in Philosophy (Aesthetics).

Aiming to bring up calligraphy research-typed talent with the wisdoms that rooting in traditional culture, promoting skill training and theory researching together, exploring the connection of interdisciplinary, stabilizing the foundation with the help of innovation, inheriting the culture of sages of Nanyang Public School and serving the society, the major of calligraphy presses forward its teaching task, academic research and disciplinary construction. Guided by the construction of “New Liberal Branch”, as well as the needs of social development and students' career development, the major adhere to the moral education, persist in calligraphy theory and practice, explore multi-disciplinary integration, to create calligraphy culture & ecological characteristics and strive to build a national first-class talent training base. After many years of development, teachers of the department have formed a group of three generations, including both the old and the young, aiming at teaching, scientific researching and art creating. The group had taken charge of major scientific research projects at all levels, as well as undertaken teaching tasks that include professional courses and general courses, published papers and academic works, taken part in exhibitions and won awards, etc. In 2014, the department was named Excellent Teaching Team of Shaanxi Province.