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Undergraduate Admission


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Undergraduate Program

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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences provides 4-year undergraduate programs in humanities and social sciences for applicants with scientific background. According to social needs and personal choices, the majors of our school include philosophy, sociology, Chinese language and literature, news and new media, sculpture, visual communication design, environmental design and calligraphy. Graduates are granted bachelor’s degree of philosophy, law, arts (Chinese language and literature) and arts (sculpture, , environmental design, calligraphy) after completing all the courses and credits required in the program and passing the dissertation defense.  


The eight major undergraduate programs aim at cultivating high-level and leading talents with a strong sense of social responsibility, global perspective, and  systematic grasp of theories and methods in the field of humanities and social sciences, as well as in artistic theory and creation.

Academic Resources:

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences currently has 136 teachers and staff, among which there are 28 professors and 41 associate professors. We have 21 doctoral tutors in total.

Program Features:

Our programs aim at cultivating talents with global vision and research capability. First of all, students are enrolled according to humanities category, and are allowed to choose their own specialties based on their interests and academic achievements after one year general education. Secondly, practice is emphasized during talent training. Social practice bases are established through university-government and university-company cooperation for improving the problem-solving ability of students. Thirdly, academic exchanges are established with world famous university in the United States and in the Europe on talent training and research cooperation, promoting programs including short-term exchange and joint training.

Employment after graduation:

Most of the graduates choose to continue their postgraduate studies at home or abroad, while others are mainly employed by government, public institutions and large enterprises, from which we have received positive feedback.