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English Admissions Master Programs 正文

Introduction to Master Programs

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I. Disciplines and authorized degree conferring

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is allowed to grant master’s degree for programs of 5 first-level disciplines, namely, philosophy, sociology, journalism and communication (including literary studies, film and cultural innovation), design (including calligraphy), and physical education, and to grant professional master’s degrees (masters by coursework) for programs in 3 directions, i.e. news and communication, social work and art design. There is also a program of Master of Arts in Chinese Culture Studies (MACC) for international students.

II. Program Objectives and Tutor List

Academic master program refers to the programs aim at developing students' overall ability, including excellent academic quality, solid and broad theoretical foundation, systematic and in-depth professional knowledge, rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, as well as the ability to independently engage in scientific research in related disciplines and innovation. Professional master program attaches emphasis to practice and application, providing formal and high-level training in professional and specialized technology, and cultivating application-oriented high-level talents with solid theoretical foundations. The graduates will be able to quickly adapt to specific industries or occupations that the actual work needs.

0101 Philosophy

This discipline is designed to cultivate talents who have not only noble moral value but also rigorous academic habit, excellent academic attitude, strong sense of unity, dedication to work, and the belief in making contributions to the development of the national modernization. The requirements for students educated under this discipline are:

1. Master broad knowledge and lay solid academic foundation in philosophy and related disciplines.

2. Have a positive and serious spirit of academic criticism and innovation.

3. Be good at presenting, thinking, and dealing with important philosophical issues and non-philosophical issues from a philosophical perspective; Be able to independently and creatively engage in the study of important theoretical issues, and carry out effective research and teaching on important application issues.

4. Be able to make creative research achievements in the field of philosophy.

5. Master at least one foreign language, and be proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Tutors list (11 in total):

Han Pengjie, Ma Wenbao, Gong Jianping, Chang Xin, Tuo Jianqing, Wang Wei, Wang Xiaohong, Wang Youqiang, Li Zhong, Qiu Genjiang, Ding Xiaojun

0303 Sociology

In order to meet the needs of national modernization and social management and construction, this discipline aims at cultivating high-level application-oriented inter-disciplinary talents who will engage in sociological related research. Following are the requirements for students educated under this discipline:

1. Master the basic theories, investigation methods and research skills of sociology, and be able to carry out sociological research, social surveys and statistical analysis.

2. Have practical ability and innovative ability, and be able to analyze and deal with practical problems in the field of sociology through quantitative and qualitative methods.

3. Be proficient in English, be able to read English journals and write academic abstract in English.

4. Develop a good habit of study, seek truth from facts, study rigorously, and keep physical and mental health.

Tutors list (23 in total):

Bian Yanjie, Guo Shenyang, Li Liming, Li Yaojun, Liang Zai, Zhao Wenlong, Zhang Shun, Ni Xiaoli, Lu Genshu, Liu Jun, Yang Jianke, Lu Chuntian, Zhu Xiaowen, Yue Zhongshan, Tong Mei, Sun Xiao’e, Peng Jin, Wang Yixuan, Yang Jianghua, Cheng Cheng, Shuai Man, Yang Zhangbo, Wang Weiling

0352 Master of Social Work

The objectives of this program are as follows: firstly, to cultivate talents who can provide professional service at related social service organizations; secondly, to cultivate talents and future leaders who are competent with expertise and managerial skills in social work, and are able to provide services in social organizations like civil affairs departments and other social welfare departments, relevant social groups and grassroots communities; thirdly, to cultivate senior professionals who can engage in teaching research and practical teaching supervision in social work education and research institutions.

Tutor list (21 in total):

Bian Yanjie, Guo Shenyang, Li Liming, Zhao Wenlong, Zhang Shun, Ni Xiaoli, Liu Jun, Yang Jianke, Lu Chuntian, Zhu Xiaowen, Yue Zhongshan, Tong Mei, Sun Xiao’e, Peng Jin, Wang Yixuan, Yang Jianghua, Cheng Cheng, Shuai Man, Yang Zhangbo, Wang weiling, Wang Yuping

Literary Research (film and cultural innovation direction)

The program provided in this study direction aims to cultivate high quality talents with solid foundation of literary theory and profound professional basic knowledge. Students graduated from this program will have the ability to apply literary theory to the study of Chinese and foreign literature and art, and to the exploration of the internal and external laws of film and television. They will be able to engage in theoretical research and critical appreciation of literature and art, film and television, as well as work in higher education.

Tutor list (13 in total):

Li Hui, Li Hong, Li Li, Luo Junfeng, Zhang Yong, Liu Yanyan, Yao Mingjin, Zhang Gongchang, Zhai Yangli, Wang Yao, Ma Meiyu, Wu Xiaoxia, Xu Haoran

1305 Design

This discipline is designed to cultivate high-level talents of innovative design who can independently engage in design and research on design theory. Students under this discipline are required to develop their comprehensive quality of logical thinking as being a designer, design expression and hands-on ability, as well as the specialized theoretical and analytical ability of each research direction. Students should establish a solid theory foundation and be trained with professional skills, strong sense of innovation and design practice, a deep understanding of relevant subject areas, so as to independently carry out design, professional study, and education by combing the historical achievements of the discipline with the actual requirements of social reality.

Tutor list (8 in total):

Zhou Liming, Xue Weizhen, Ma Tiankuan, Lu Peng, Miao Xiangrui, Yang Mei, Wan Jiangtao, Jiang Weile

1351 Master of Arts

This program is designed to cultivate high-level application-oriented professionals with broad knowledge, solid professional foundation and skills. The curriculum of this program is arranged based on the general knowledge of humanities, combining with professional design courses and practical courses carrying out in the practice base. The Department of Arts of XJTU has been authorized to confer master's degree since 2005. Our program has integrated all the educational resources from different majors in the Department of Arts, aiming at cultivating professional art designers with comprehensive knowledge of arts, aesthetics and design. The Department of Arts upholds the goal of cultivating high-level application-oriented talents with “broad humanity attainment, solid professional foundation, and outstanding design originality” in following the characteristics of XJTU of being a comprehensive university. Humanity attainments requires students to have their own thoughts on cultural theory and artistic research theory, because design works are not simply certain formation, but the comprehensive expression of artifact culture, formation meaning and cultural connotation, which need the support of humanity attainment of students. Professional skills are the foundation of students trained under this program. The familiarity with software operation and related professional knowledge are the key to carry out industrial design, of which the standard and the era characteristics need to be very prominent. Proficiency in vocational skills refers that the design works and services provided by our graduates will satisfy the needs of the design market, and the graduates themselves will be qualified to become senior professionals in the design industry.

Tutor list (8 in total):

Zhou Liming, Xue Weizhen, Ma Tiankuan, Lu Peng, Miao Xiangrui, Yang Mei, Wan Jiangtao, Jiang Weile


This program is under the training of calligraphy discipline

This program is designed to cultivate innovative professionals with broad cultural attainment and solid theoretical basis of arts, mastering the artistic theory and skills of calligraphy, and having the ability to engage in creative work, such as calligraphy creation, research, teaching, market application, etc. in higher institutions, enterprises and other organizations..

Tutor list (5 in total):

Zhong Mingshan, Xue Yangxian, Yang Suoqiang, Yang Xiaoping, Wang Jin

0403 Physical Education

This program is designed to cultivate high-level inter-disciplinary talents in physical education in order to meet the needs of future social development and economic construction. After the study, research and practice in this program, students will be able to systematically master multi-disciplinary theoretical knowledge and research methods related to physical education, and have a good command of the theories and methods of at least one sport in teaching and training. Students of this program should have a higher level of sports techniques, and be able to carry out physical education, sports training, sports management, and the practice and research of sports rehabilitation.

Tutor list (8 in total):

Yan Zhenlong, Chen Shanping, Liu Zhiqiang, Wang Baojin, Ren Wenjun, Liu Changjiang, Shi Lei, Zhang Jun

Master of Arts in Chinese Culture Studies for International Students

The program of Master of Arts in Chinese Culture Studies (International class, MACC) is design for international students only by focusing on humanities and social sciences education. The program aims at constructing a postgraduate education platform for international students to understand China, Chinese culture, and to enhance cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. This program is designed to cultivate inter-disciplinary and international talents who can fully understand Chinese culture and society, have strong capability to interpret Chinese culture and society, and can engage in cultural exchange, diplomacy, commerce, management, teaching and other careers related to China throughout the world.