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English Admissions Doctoral Programs 正文

Introduction to Doctoral Education

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1.      Doctorate Disciplines and Degree Conferring

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has been authorized to confer doctorate degree to philosophy (first-level discipline), and has established a postdoctoral research station, as well as an interdisciplinary doctoral program in Social Development and Management.


2.      Training Objectives and PHD Supervisors

0101 Philosophy

Our discipline aims to cultivate professional and high-level talents with noble moral values and excellent academic skills. All the doctoral candidates are required to love their country, obey laws and regulations, pursue their studies and careers steadfastly, meticulously and tenaciously, and possess positive and serious academic criticism and academic innovation spirit. Doctoral candidates are also trained to consolidate the professional knowledge of philosophy and related disciplines. The Ph.D. students are required to be adept in raising, thinking and dealing with important philosophical problems, and be good at thinking and dealing with important non-philosophical problems from the philosophical point of view. And the doctoral students are expected to independently and creatively engage in researching and teaching important theoretical and applied philosophical problems, and to make creative and important research results in the field of philosophy.


PHD Supervisors (10 in total): Li Jianqun, Zhang Zailin, Wu Kun, Zhong Mingshan, Zhang Ruliang, Xue Yangxian, Gong Jianping, Colin Allen, Tuo Jianqing, Han Pengjie, Yang Suoqiang, Ma Wenbao, Chang Xin

0101J2 Social Development and Management

This program aims to cultivate high-level “think tank” talents for social development strategies, high-level administrative talents for comprehensive social management, and high-level research talents in the field of social sciences. The doctoral candidates trained in our program will possess solid basic theoretical knowledge of sociology and interrelated disciplines, be proficient in social research methods, be familiar with the frontier theories in relevant fields, have a solid empirical analysis ability, and be able to carry out high-level innovative research on the major theoretical and practical issues of social development and social management in China. Our graduates are expected to have comparative perspectives between China and other countries, good oral and written expression skills, and a strong sense of social responsibility, so as to be competent in teaching, research and management in educational departments, scientific research institutions, government, enterprises, public institutions, and social organizations.


PHD Supervisors (17 in total): Lin Nan, RON.BURT, Bian Yanjie, Zhao Wenlong, Li Liming, Zhang Shun, Ni Xiaoli, Guo Yusen, Du Haifeng, Liang Zai, Liu Jun, Li Yaojun, Lu Chuntian, Zhu Xiaowen, Yang Jianke, Yue Zhongshan, Yu Feng